Comprehensive Dialysis Technician Salary Guide

After going through training and certification, you might wonder how much is the salary of a dialysis technician. It is greatly dependent on number of factors and we are happy to give you a comprehensive dialysis technician salary guide below.

Comprehensive Dialysis Technician Saimglary Guide

Comprehensive Dialysis Technician Salary Guide

1. Experience

As the number of years go up, as like any industry, salary tends to go up too.

Here’s the detailed dialysis technician salary payscale report of a dialysis technician:

Entry level Dialysis Technician pay (0-5 years) $28,000 – $32,000

Mid-career Dialysis Technician pay (5-10 years) $32,000 – $36,000

Experienced Dialysis Technician pay (10-20 years) $36,000 upwards

2. Employer

There are two top dialysis companies in the USA, Davita and Fresenius. Most likely, you will be employed by either of these two:

Davita, a Fortune 500® company, has operated over 2,098 outpatient dialysis centers and is serving approximately 165,000 patients. They employ more than 46,000 teammates all over the United States.

Fresenius has over 1,800 facilities nationwide and serves more than 139,000 patients. They employ roughly around 35,000 employees.  

Both companies provide excellent benefits like paid vacation, sick leaves, paid holidays as well as health insurance, dental insurance and vision care. Both offer 401k too but only Fresenius matches up to a certain percentage. 

3. Geography

The place where a dialysis technician is working from greatly affects his salary. According to Wikiprofessional , the highest paying state for a dialysis technician is Minnesota at $53,700 on the average while the lowest is Wyoming at $30,400. New york is at $42,900 while California is at $42,600.

Dialysis Technician Salary Guide per State 1

Dialysis Technician Salary Guide per State 1

Dialysis Technician Salary Guide per State 2

Dialysis Technician Salary Guide per State 2

Dialysis Technician Salary Guide per State 3

Dialysis Technician Salary Guide per State 3

“Dialysis Technician Salary by State” by is licensed under CC BY 2.0”

4. Certification

There are a lot of trainings and certificates available to a dialysis technician. These certificates greatly impact your salary. The popular ones are: Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician (CCHT) and Certified Hemodialysis Technician (CHT)

I delve more into detail about this particular topic in an article: Dialysis Technician Certification.

All in all, according to BLS data, the average annual salary for the top 10% of dialysis technicians top out around $65,000 whereas the bottom 10% earn around $26,000 per year. The middle percent earn roughly around $31,000 – $51,000. On the hour, a dialysis technician’s salary average around $11.00 – $19.00.

Salary wise, dialysis technicians earn a fairly good amount of money. Coupled with the fact that most shifts are only 3x/week, 12 hour shifts (which some states pay mandatory overtime), and that the number of dialysis patients are continuing to rise which will result to more clinics and more job opportunities, the career outlook of a dialysis technician looks very stable.