Top 5 Dialysis Companies To Work For As A Dialysis Technician

top dialysis companies to work for

Top Dialysis Companies to Work for

There are many dialysis companies you could work for so today we are going to share a few top picks with you. This will help give you some guidance in your job search for when you are ready to start your job as a dialysis technician.

As you can probably guess there are a number of places out there looking to hire qualified technicians. But of course some are better than others. So let’s take a look at the five dialysis companies that stand out.

Top Dialysis Companies to Work for

#1 DaVita

This is a company that was almost bankrupt in 1999 but turned itself around in a big way to become the leader among dialysis companies.

In fact for seven years straight there have been the only FORTUNE 500 healthcare company to make the WorldBLU Most Democratic Work Places list.

DaVita manages 2,119 dialysis centers around the United States and serves about 168,000 patients. They also have 84 centers in 10 other countries around the world. Because of this, DaVita has more than 46,000 employees working for them.

This is also a company that always seems to stand out from the others in their field. In fact they lead the nation in many key areas when it comes to measuring the quality of dialysis care.

DaVita’s Community Care program encompasses their vision for social responsibility through four key aspects: building a community, creating the best healthcare the world has ever seen, being a role model for American healthcare, and sending forth ripples of citizen leadership.

All this comes together to create a company that is ideal to work for and that is why DaVita is one of the best dialysis companies.

#2 Fresenius

A top provider of dialysis services the world over which for sure puts them on the list of top dialysis companies to work for.

In fact they are a proven leader in North America that has a network of over 2100 dialysis centers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Through those centers and vascular access centers, laboratories, associate hospitals, and nephrology practices, they provide renal services to hundreds of thousands of patients.

In the United States alone Fresenius employs 55,000 staff and 91,000 globally. The company’s headquarters is in Waltham, MA.

Cultural diversity, personal development, great salary and benefits, are just some of the reasons Fresenius makes our list.

#3 American Renal Associates

A provider has been growing fast over the years and now finds itself as one of the top dialysis companies in the United States.

ARA focuses on partnerships with nephrologists as a business model. Through this partnership they provide care to over 8,000 patients at their 121 facilities. They are located in 19 states as well as the District of Columbia.

This is also a dialysis company that is known for low staff turn over and positive staff/patient relationships. American Renal Associates also claims to produce some of the best clinical results in the industry.

#4 Satellite Healthcare

For over four decades this company has been a leader in the field of dialysis services.

Through the operation of 40 dialysis centers Satellite Healthcare works to provide clinical care for more than 4,000 chronic kidney disease patients.

It should be noted as well that they are committed to achieving breakthroughs for those with chronic kidney disease and have a research division focused on that goal. And the company operates a philanthropy division with the aim to support better care for patients. The annual donation they make to the National Kidney Foundation is significant.

#5 U.S. Renal Care

Founded in 2000 this dialysis company has a unique approach because they partner with nephrologists to establish treatment centers.

U.S. Renal Care serves more than 14,000 patients through its 200+ dialysis facilities. You’ll find them in 19 states and even in the Territory of Guam.

This company provides both in-home and at-center hemodialysis as well as peritoneal dialysis services for end stage renal disease. To expand their reach they also work with local hospitals to provide acute setting dialysis programs.

You’ll find the headquarters for the company in Plano, Texas but each facility is managed by local doctors. Clinical results with this dialysis company exceed national averages.


This list should give you a good place to start your job search of top dialysis companies. Of course there are many other factors involved such as location, pay, and benefits that you’ll need to consider before making your final decision.

The biggest thing you should take away is that there are jobs available and plenty of demand for dialysis technicians.