10 Tips On Working Hand In Hand With Your Nurse

dialysis technician jobWorking closely with a nurse is a big part of the dialysis technician job. Together you are part of a team that patients are counting on everyday. At times this partnership can be a challenge but it is important to always do your best to make the most of working as part of a team with your nurse.

These 10 tips can help make each day of a dialysis technician job productive and enjoyable.

1. Always Communicate Constructively

Express yourself in a positive and respectful manner at all times. Make sure you are heard and understood by sharing your thoughts clearly. And when you disagree with something approach the solution in a positive manner by offering a better solution not just highlighting what is wrong.

2. Don’t React

When you put two people in a room long enough, conflict will happen. If something comes up between you and your nurse try to count to ten and get some emotional distance from the situation. And then think before you speak, don’t just react and say or do something you could regret in the future.

3. Offer Praise and Gratitude

Don’t forget to let your nurse know how much you appreciate the work that they do. You’ll be surprised how much a little acknowledgement from you can make your dialysis technician job better. We all like to hear the words “thank you.”

4. Keep It Professional

When it comes to communicating both praise or criticism always keep it on a professional level. Never bring anything personal into the discussion as that usually leads to feelings of betrayal and could hurt any trust you’ve created with your nurse.

5. Take Responsibility

Sure you are good at your dialysis technician job but you are not perfect, no one is. When you make a mistake, miss a deadline, or need help you’ll want to take responsibility of those things. Your nurse and your team will respect you for it and be more likely to help and forgive when it is called for.

6. Listen

This is probably one of the most important things you can do while working with your nurse. To be a good listener takes practice. Be active when you listen and repeat back what you understand the nurse said. This way you both know you are on the same page.

7. Be Proactive

You should know what needs to be done as part of your dialysis technician job so don’t wait to be told. Also learn when you nurse will need help and offer that help before being asked for it. This demonstrates you are someone who can be counted on.

8. Be Flexible

Working alongside your nurse means you won’t always be able to do what you want when you want. Remain open and flexible to the needs of others and your days will go smoother.

9. Celebrate Success

Throughout the day to day routines of your dialysis technician job there will be successes worth celebrating. Some big and some small but all are still worth acknowledgement. Too often we focus only on what went wrong and that can make any job tough. Your nurse will appreciate when you highlight the day’s victories.

10. Respect

All this advice comes down to respect. Work to be respectful of your nurse in all that you do even when you don’t feel like you are being respected. Treat your nurse how you would like to be treated. It may not always be easy to do but in the long run it will make your dialysis technician job better.

Everything on this list takes practice but these are skills that will serve you throughout your whole career.