How to Increase your Dialysis Technician Salary

dialysis technician payLet’s face it, no one likes to ask for a raise. But if you are still getting your starting dialysis technician salary or have not seen an increase in sometime, you should consider a requesting for a raise. With a little bit of preparation and planning, you increase your chances of it getting approved.

Of course every clinic is different and every supervisor will have a different approach to take but generally, this guide will be able to help you increase your chances of getting a raise for your dialysis technician salary


Begin by making a very detailed list of what you do day in and day out. Also most importantly highlight the new responsibilities or tasks you’ve taken on since your last dialysis technician pay raise.

You want to do this because the goal is to sell yourself and to clearly demonstrate why you deserve t0 be paid more. As you create this list, do not assume that the person in charge of your salary knows what you do everyday. Write down every little job and task you do no matter how obvious it should be that you do that as part of being a dialysis technician.


On average raises are budgeted and given out once a year. Try and learn when your clinic creates their annual budget and ask for your raise weeks in advance of that.

Many employees make the mistake of waiting until a performance review to ask for a raise but often and salary increases will be decided long before you sit down with your supervisor. So if you have a review coming up, be sure to ask for that raise weeks in advance of it.


You know best how to approach your manager with such a topic and it is probably wise to ask for a meeting as soon as you are prepared to make your case. Simply saying something like, “can we schedule a time to talk about my salary?”


Most of use are not in the habit of tooting our own horn so take time to practice what you are going to say. Print out your list of why you deserve a raise and have a mock meeting either with yourself in front of a mirror or with a trusted friend.

Remember to focus on how you help your clinic as a dialysis technician and do not make it personal. Avoid giving reasons such as, “my wife just lost her job” or “I was hoping to buy a new car.” Sell yourself as an excellent dialysis technician and do not beg as a needy employee.


Most of all believe in yourself in the fact that you deserve a higher salary.

And if you do get turned down, don’t be discouraged and be sure to find out what you can do in the future to be able to qualify for a raise.