dialysistechniciantraininghubaboutpicHey there! My name is Patrick and I started www.dialysistechniciantraininghub.net because of two things:

1. I work hand in hand with dialysis technicians and i have the utmost respect for their dedication and hard work every single day and this is one way of me giving back.

2. I want this to be a resource for future Dialysis Technicians to help prepare them for a career in being a Dialysis Technician.

To start off, some stuff about me. I am currently a charge nurse for an outpatient dialysis clinic in California. I also work as an Acute Dialysis Nurse at several hospitals in the area. When I started my career as a Dialysis Nurse, it wasn’t the best of training. My preceptor nurse was always busy, would just leave me on the floor wondering and grasping on what I needed to do. I was extremely blessed because the dialysis technicians in the clinic took me in and taught me the ins and outs dialysis. This fostered my closeness with dialysis technicians and reason why I always made it a point to help them out at work every single time that I can. Some nurses tend to stick to the nursing job of dialysis but I like being in the trenches, pacing out with the dialysis technicians and help give out the quality of care that our patients deserve. This honed my skills enough that I could fill in for a dialysis technician during call-ins or emergencies. Even as I’ve been promoted to charge nurse, I still make it a point to help out during change-overs and be a presence on the floor. I truly appreciate my dialysis technicians and I cannot imagine doing this job without them.

This website is dedicated to all the hard-working dialysis technicians out there. I hope this will be able to be a resource that everyone can use to improve their skills and make the challenges of being a dialysis technician easier.

I salute you!