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Starting a new career in dialysis is very challenging. That is why I started this blog in order to provide new dialysis technicians a resource to make the learning curve shorter and to help prepare you for the training needed to be an excellent one. I’ve worked and trained dialysis technicians for over 10 years and nothing makes me happier than seeing new dialysis technicians excel and be able to provide quality patient care.

A career as a dialysis technician is a very rewarding job if you let it be. Seeing patients three to four times a week helps develop a relationship between you and the patient, and having the opportunity to help them live their life to the fullest despite their disease is a life-changing experience.

I’ll be the first one to say that the job itself is hard. To be an excellent dialysis technician, one has to be equipped with good technical skills, a trained clinical eye to foresee complications and intervene, and great interpersonal skills to be able to interact with the patients and the team. Aside from that, a dialysis technician has to have excellent time management to be able to stick to patient schedules and good coordination to be able to juggle multiple tasks altogether.

I’ve compiled a list of articles that I wrote in this blog that will tackle most of the challenges that you will encounter as you are starting out with your career as a dialysis technician. I recommend you go through them one by one as they are pretty detailed and can give you a good idea on what is expected and required to be a good dialysis technician. I would also recommend going through the Q&A reviewer as this will serve as a good assessment of your skills and knowledge and will help prepare you for the different situations that you may encounter as a dialysis technician.

Again, I salute you for taking the challenge to start a career as a dialysis technician. It’ll be hard to appreciate it at first but trust me that at the end of each day, seeing a patient walk out of your clinic healthy and safe is an achievement on its own. Also that feeling of fulfillment and the very thought that you made a difference in a patient’s life is something you will appreciate every single day you wear your scrubs. Trust me on that.

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